Why 1000 Mile Travel Chose MintEFT

We recently had a (virtual) catch-up with Rachael McInnes from 1000 Mile Travel Group to chat about MintEFT and what the solution will mean for their network. Read on to find out more.

Why have you chosen MintEFT for 1000 Mile Travel?

RM: Being Australia's first home-based corporate model, it is important that our travel experts and business owners have virtual access to a payment platform they can trust - from the technology to the payment processing and the number of suppliers that have signed up to Mint.

Mint appealed to 1000 Mile Travel Group for this reason, and because they are working towards being a one-stop payment solution for the travel industry, this is of value to us. The Virtual terminal & MintEFT platform are user-friendly & simple, whilst also including tiered user permissions. The team at Mint are a pleasure to work with, they are approachable, informative and they action any items that need to be followed up & troubleshoot queries to provide the best outcome for us.

Another consideration in choosing Mint, was looking not only at their products and capabilities now, but also what would be available to us in the future. Products like FX will enable us to work more seamlessly with our suppliers and streamline another aspect of our business.


What aspects of MintEFT do you feel will be most beneficial?

RM: One of the biggest differences between Mint and eNett would have to be the dedicated MintEFT app. The ability for our team to set up and approve payments wherever they are will be incredibly valuable – not just for the ease of use, but also for the speed of approvals and therefore payments and confirming bookings.

Mint’s pricing structure is also incredibly competitive, and with a focus on how travel agents use the product, it was a no-brainer over other competitors in the market.

Find out more about MintEFT here.


About 1000 Mile Travel Group

1000 Mile Travel Group was born to bridge a gap in the corporate market connecting the home-based travel business owner through cloud-based technology with their clients. 1000 Mile Travel Group is the first of its kind and prides itself on helping travel experts with an average of 15 years in the industry by converting their successful careers into their very own businesses.

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