Topdeck and Back-Roads Touring Appoint Mint for EFT

Top Deck and Back-Roads Touring are two of the many suppliers who have jumped on board for MintEFT, so we took the chance to speak with David Gendle, General Manager of Global Sales for the brands to discuss why they chose Mint for EFT, and how it differs from their previous eNett system.

Tell us a bit about why have you chosen MintEFT?

DG: The timing was perfect for Topdeck and Back-Roads to partner with Mint as it aligned with the work we have been doing to improve our internal processes and as the two brands prepare for an upbeat selling season in 2022.

When looking for a replacement to the legacy payment platform we needed something that was extremely simple for not only the payer but also offered benefits and simplicity to our finance team. From the demonstrations that we saw Mint delivered this in spades for both parties which made it an easy decision to sign up for MintEFT. The engagement from the Mint team right from the very first inquiry was second to none and that instilled confidence that we were definitely looking at the right solution as a replacement for eNett.

How is it different from the eNett solution?

DG: From what we have seen in these early stages the encouraging thing for us is that Mint has adapted the platform based on feedback from the trade and even in our onboarding discussions are willing to look at enhancements and improvements to further adapt the system to our needs. This was important as we looked ahead at our tech roadmap and the future possibilities that Mint could provide us especially being able to integrate into our own systems.


What features do you feel will be most beneficial?

DG: For our business, it was key to be able to identify late payments as quickly as possible as we are seeing a trend of customers booking closer to departure, and hence payments will come through our trade partners and create a sense of urgency to finalise bookings. Having that real-time visibility was important. Equally as important was having the ability to talk to a local support team especially as a new business onto the platform, having someone to answer questions and provide guidance will be really helpful as volumes start to increase over the coming months.

Find out more including how to get started with MintEFT here.


About Topdeck

Topdeck is the number one provider of authentic and enriching travel experiences that encourage freedom from the rules of normal life. Founded in 1973 by a group of friends with a double decker bus and a passion for adventure, Topdeck aims to inspire young travellers to seek deeper, life changing travel experiences.

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About Back-Roads Touring

Back-Roads Touring is the number one provider of small group tours in Europe and the UK for mature, likeminded travellers wanting to discover the world’s local cultures by travelling off the beaten track. With more than 30 years of experience curating authentic and immersive travel experiences that leave guests with once-in-a-lifetime memories, Back-Roads has built up a brand with integrity rooted in expert local knowledge, sustainable tourism, culinary excellence and premium boutique accommodation.

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